Bank ISO response codes



00 Approved or completed successfully

66 Call acquirer security

P4   Number of times used

01 Refer to card issuer

67 Hard capture

P5   Delinquent

02 Refer to card issuer, special condition

68 Response received too late

P6   Over limit table

03 Invalid merchant

75 PIN tries exceeded

P7   Advance less than minimum

04 Pick-up card

77 Intervene, bank approval required

P8   Administrative card needed

05 Do not honour

78 Intervene, bank approval required for partial amount

P9   Enter lesser amount

06 Error

90 Cut-off in progress

Q0   Invalid transaction date

07 Pick-up card, special condition

91 Issuer or switch inoperative

Q1   Invalid expiration date

08 Honour with identification

92 Routing error

Q2   Invalid transaction code

09 Request in progress

93 Violation of law

Q3   Advance less than minimum

10 Approved, partial

94 Duplicate transaction

Q4   Number of times used

11 Approved, VIP

95 Reconcile error

Q5   Delinquent

12 Invalid transaction

96 System malfunction

Q6   Over limit table

13 Invalid amount

97 Cancelled by Operator

Q7   Amount over maximum

14 Invalid card number

98 Exceeds cash limit

Q8   Administrative card not found

15 No such issuer


Q9   Administrative card not allowed

16 Approved, update track 3

BIC ISO extensions (from BOE)

R0   Approved administrative request -in window

17 Customer cancellation


R1   Approved administrative request -out of window

18 Customer dispute

76   Approved country club

R2   Approved administrative request -anytime

19 Re enter transaction

77   Approved pending identification

R3   Chargeback-customer file updated

20 Invalid response

78   Approved blind

R4   Chargeback-customer file updated -acquirer not found

21 No action taken

79   approved administrative transaction

R5   Chargeback-incorrect prefix number

22 Suspected malfunction

80   Approved national negative file hit OK

R6   Chargeback-incorrect response code or CPF configuration

23 Unacceptable transaction fee

81   Approved commercial

R7   Administrative transactions not supported

24 File update not supported

82   No security module

R8   Card on national negative file

25 Unable to locate record

83   No accounts

S4   PTLF full

26 Duplicate record

84   No PBF

S5   Chargeback-approved, customer file not updated

27 File update edit error

85   PBF update error

S6   Chargeback-approved, customer file not updated, acquirer not found

28 File update file locked

83   No accounts

S7   Chargeback-accepted, incorrect destination

30 File update failed

84   No PBF

S8   ADMN file problem

31 Bank not supported

85   PBF update error

S9   Unable to validate PIN; security module is down

32 Completed partially

86   Invalid authorisation type

T1   Invalid credit card advance amount

33 Expired card, pick-up

87   Bad Track 2

T2   Invalid transaction date

34 Suspected fraud, pick-up

88   PTLF error

T3   Card not supported

35 Contact acquirer, pick-up

89   Invalid route service

T4   Amount over maximum

36 Restricted card, pick-up

N0   Unable to authorise

T5   CAF status = 0 or 9

37 Call acquirer security, pick-up

N1   Invalid PAN length

T6   Bad UAF

38 PIN tries exceeded, pick-up

N2   Preauthorisation full

T7   Cash back exceeds daily limit 

39 No credit account

N3   Maximum online refund reached


40 Function not supported

N4   Maximum off-line refund reached


41 Lost card

N5   Maximum credit per refund


42 No universal account

N6   Maximum refund credit reached


43 Stolen card

N7   Customer selected negative file reason


44 No investment account

N8   Over floor limit


51 Not sufficient funds

N9   Maximum number refund credits


52 No check account

O0   Referral file full


53 No savings account

O1   NEG file problem


54 Expired card

O2   Advance less than minimum


55 Incorrect PIN

O3   Delinquent


56 No card record

O4   Over limit table


57 Transaction not permitted to cardholder

O5   PIN required


58 Transaction not permitted on terminal

O6   Mod 10 check


59 Suspected fraud

O7   Force post


60 Contact acquirer

O8   Bad PBF


61 Exceeds withdrawal limit

O9   NEG file problem


62 Restricted card

P0   CAF problem


63 Security violation

P1   Over daily limit


64 Original amount incorrect

P2   CAPF not found


65 Exceeds withdrawal frequency

P3   Advance less than minimum