Welcome to the FAQ’s, or Frequently Asked Questions, for short.
1. What is Yoyo Go?
 Throw that dog-eared stamp card in the bin, baby, we’re living in the future now!

In short, Yoyo Go is a loyalty app. In slightly-less-short, it’s the most convenient
 way to earn loyalty and rewards every time you make a purchase at a participating merchant. You link your bank card in the app, and when you pay for something, you earn loyalty automatically and instantly. Redeem that loyalty for incredible rewards just as easily. You can download the Yoyo Go App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to get earning.

2. What’s the difference between Yoyo Go and Yoyo Wallet?
 Both are extremely excellent apps powered by Yoyo, but they do different things.

 Yoyo Wallet is a super smart and useful payment app that lets you pay, earn rewards and collect digital receipts with your mobile device.


Yoyo Go is… well, see point 1!

3. Is Yoyo Go free to use?
 Yes, Yoyo Go is free to download and use at participating Yoyo Go merchants.

4. What is card-linked loyalty?
Card-linked loyalty is the easiest way to collect loyalty rewards for your


To quote Mike from IT:


“When a bank card is linked to your Yoyo Go account, a process called tokenisation occurs, which means that when you then use that bank card to make a purchase at a Yoyo Go merchant, our platform recognises the card and automatically applies the loyalty.” (Mike, Department IT, 2020)

5. How do I earn?
Literally by doing exactly what you would be doing anyway – paying for your
purchases (unless you are engaged in a life of crime). Simply link your bank
cards or Apple/Google Pay cards through the Wallet Section of the Yoyo Go app
and then make a payment using your bank card. We’ll do the rest! (If you’d like a
 step-by-step on how to link your card, see point 14!)

6. Where can I earn and redeem my loyalty?
You can earn loyalty across all participating retailers, but you can only redeem
 loyalty at the retailer where that loyalty was earned.

7. Will card-linked loyalty work with Apple Pay/Google Pay?
You can link Apple Pay or Google Pay when you select a payment method. If you
have more than one card linked to Apple Pay, you will have to link each card
separately. If you would also like to earn when tapping those cards to pay, that
 card will have to be linked separately. Samsung Pay is not supported.

8. Can I earn by paying with my smart watch?
You can only earn loyalty when paying with a bank card or Apple/Google Pay.
 Wearables are not supported.

9. Will card-linked loyalty work with cash payments?
You can only earn loyalty when paying with a bank card or Apple/Google Pay
 linked to your Yoyo Go account at a participating retailer.

10. Will card linked loyalty work in all stores?
Once a bank card has been linked to your Yoyo Go account, you will earn loyalty
 at any Yoyo Go retailer you visit when you make a transaction with that card.

11. How do I register with Yoyo Go?
It’s really simple! If you haven’t already got a Yoyo account or a Yoyo Go account,
you can register with Yoyo Go by signing up through Apple, Facebook, or
 manually using a valid email address.

Signing up manually will require some info you should know off the top of your
head, such as your name, surname and date of birth. Enter this, an email
address and an 8-character password of your choice, and you’re good to (Yoyo)

Remember, you can sign in to Yoyo Go using your existing Yoyo account details.
You might already have a Yoyo account if you’ve used a Yoyo-powered app such
as Yoyo Wallet, Caffè Nero, Harris + Hoole, SOHO Coffee Co. and Paul UK in
 the past.

12. How do I register with an Apple ID?
Just click the “Sign up with Apple” button and sign in using your Apple ID

13. How do I register using my Facebook account?
Just click the “Sign up with Facebook” button and sign in using your Facebook

14. Can I register for Yoyo Go in-store?
You can partially sign up in store by making a purchase and then entering your
 mobile number into the terminal once you’ve paid with a bank card.

We’ll send you an SMS with a link directing you to download the Yoyo Go app
 and register for a Yoyo account in order to receive that sweet, sweet loyalty.

Heads up, the SMS link does expire after XXXX days/months, so make sure
you’re not caught napping and register for an account before the link expires to
 collect your loyalty.

15. Phone Verification
To complete your Yoyo Go registration, you’ll be asked to enter and verify your
phone number. Make sure you enter the correct number, including the right
 country code.

Once this step is complete, you’ll receive a 6-digit SMS verification code to enter
 into the app in order to complete the registration process.

If you receive an error message to say that your phone number is already in use,
it means you probably already have a Yoyo account under a different email
address. Try signing in with any other email addresses that may have used to
 register for a Yoyo account in the past.

16. The app is saying that I already have an account?
What gives?
You probably already have a Yoyo account from using another Yoyo-powered
app, such as Caffe Nero, Paul, SOHO Coffee Co, Yoyo Wallet. You can sign in to
 Yoyo Go with your Yoyo account details.

17. How do I link a card?
In order to start collecting loyalty for your purchases, you will need to link your
 bank card.

You can link up to 7 cards, either by scanning the card with your phone camera,
or by manually entering the card details, including:
● Card Number
● Expiry Date (MM/YY)
● The CVV number (usually found on the back of the card)
● For users in the UK, a postal code for the card
 ● A card nickname (optional. Some suggestions: Creddy Cardo, Cardy B)

We recommend that you link any card you might use to make a payment to
 ensure you never miss out on your loyalty points!

18. My linked card has expired
You can see if a linked card has expired in the Wallet section of the app, and
 you’ll be given an option to delete it and add a new one.

19. How do I delete a card?
You can view all of your linked cards in the Wallet section of the app. To delete a
 card, click on the card you wish to delete and hit ‘Delete’.

20. How do I redeem a voucher?
Once you have accrued enough points to exchange for a reward, or once you
have filled up a digital stamp card, a voucher will appear automatically in the
 Wallet section of the app.

To redeem your voucher, just present the voucher QR code to the cashier
in-store and they will scan it using the Salt Terminal. This will automatically apply
 the right monetary discount to the total basket value.

If you have any other items that you would like to purchase in the same
transaction, just tap your linked card onto the terminal to pay for the rest of your

Once a voucher has been redeemed, it will automatically disappear from your
Yoyo Go Wallet.
Note: if you opt to use a voucher with a value greater than the total value of the
items you’re purchasing, you lose the difference, so be sure to pop an extra
 something in your basket to make sure you get your vouchers worth!

21. What is a Stamp Card?
Some retailers will choose a stamp card as the basis for their Yoyo Go loyalty
programme. In the app, a stamp card is where you can see the stamps you have
 collected by making a purchase that meets the requirements of the stamp card.

Once the stamp card is filled, you will automatically receive a voucher in the
 Wallet section of the app.

22. How do I browse for merchants?
You can browse for new and exciting places to earn loyalty with Yoyo Go in the
 ‘Places’ tab.

You can also search for Yoyo Go merchants either by name or location in
 ‘Places’. Hit the heart on the right-hand side to add them to your favourites.

23. What is a Points Card?
Each time you make a transaction at a points-enabled Yoyo Go retailer, you will
receive 1 point for every penny spent. We made it this way so that nobody has to
do any maths. A transaction of £4.99 would equal 499 loyalty points. You can
 accrue these points until you have enough to exchange for a reward.

The Points Card shows the reward items that are available to exchange for your
When you select an item, you will be automatically issued with a voucher for that
 free item and have the relevant points deducted from your points balance.

24. What is voucher spend?
Once you have accrued enough stamps or points to be rewarded with a voucher,
 the voucher will automatically appear in the app’s Wallet section.

You can also send a voucher to someone else, which is a great way to make
friends and influence people. To do this, click the arrow button on the top
 right-hand corner of the voucher, which will generate a message and URL link.

This can then be sent to a contact or through a messaging app (such as email, or

The voucher will remain visible in your Yoyo Go wallet until the person you sent it
to clicks the URL link and accepts the voucher, at which point the voucher will
disappear from your Wallet, travel through spacetime, and reappear in their

25. How do I view my activity history?
The Activity button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will take you
to your Activity feed, where you can see a loyalty summary from each Yoyo Go
 transaction you have made.

26. Security and Privacy
Any card information you provide us is immediately encrypted on your device and
then passed directly to our Payment Service Provider (PSP), who is fully
regulated and compliant with European regulations regarding personal financial


Our partner (PCI Proxy) sends back a randomised token which is used to request

payment. Tokenisation, as this process is called, is fancy-talk for your card details

 are never stored on our servers.