RETURN TO MAIN ARTICLERemove corrupt cookies file

If you can't log in to websites after removing the cookies associated with it, clearing your Firefox cache, and trying with your extensions and plugins disabled, and have checked security software, you may have a corrupt cookies file in your Firefox profile folder.

This will remove all your stored cookies and essentially log you out of all saved sessions on all websites.
  1. Open your profile folder: 

    • Click the menu button Fx57menu, click Help and select More Troubleshooting Information. The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.
    • Under the Application Basics section next to Profile Folder, click Open Folder. Your profile folder will open.
  2. Click the Firefox menu Fx57Menu and select Exit.
  3.  Delete the cookies.sqlite file and any cookies.sqlite-journal files.
  4.  Restart Firefox.